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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Paper Mario - A Plea From The Stars

Pardon, it appears I haven't wrote a post in 18 days. My bad D:

The game begins outside Mario's house. A paratroopa puts a letter in the mail box and shouts "Mail call!" as he flies away. Luigi grabs the mail and shows Mario. It's from Princess Peach. She's having a party and wants them to go. They leave for her castle, as the party has already begun. She must've sent that invitation pretty late....
While there, Mario goes off to find Peach, because she's waiting for him upstairs. Oh baby. Suddenly, rumbling! The castle begins to float up. What could be happening? Instead of just confronting Mario with a shot gun, Bowser spent (most likely) years building a castle below Peach's. It lifts up into the stars. Bowser appears and begins to fight Mario. With his trusty and stolen Star Rod, Bowser beats Mario. He shoots lightning at him and shoots him out of the window. How Mario survives is beyond me. Peach is now held captive in her room.
The logo of the game shows up and then the Prologue screen appears. "A Plea From The Stars".
In an open circle in the ass of nowhere, Mario is KOed from getting his butt whooped in front of his women by an oversized turtle. Holograms of the 7 Star Spirits (would've seen them if you stayed on the title screen so the demo playing video shows up....) appear to Mario, but he doesn't know. They "give him their power" by moving up a little and then down while outlines of stars flash over Mario. Must be some kind of ancient healing power. A little Goomba girl shows up and notices it's Mario! She gets her father and grandfather to get him over to the Toad House. One Star Spirit shows up to Mario and tells him to go to Shooting Star Summit.
Mario wakes up and asks a toad about seeing a star. The toad denies Mario and wonders if Mario is okay enough to go out. Mario goes anyway! What a bamf. A little Goomba boy in a blue hat says he's Mario's biggest fan. His sister is happy he's okay. After very little exploration, their grandfather (Goompa) is using a hammer (without hands) to fix up their veranda (deck). A Koopa Witch (Kammy Koopa; Bowser's assistant) blocks Mario's path to Toad Town. What a bitch.
Mario goes to get the aforementioned hammer to smash the blockade, but there's no deck. After floating down like a piece of paper, Mario finds Goompa and, subsequently, the hammer (and a Peach Doll). A Koopa Troopa, still in his egg, (Jr. Troopa) challenges Mario to a fight. You'll never guess who wins. Mario! After re-arriving in Goomba Village, Mario gives the girl back her Doll and Goompa gives Mario a badge. OH MAH GAWD.
Goombario (blue capped Goomba) also joins your party and stuff....

More minimal travel yields the discovery that are the Red and Blue Goombas. These guys are just plain rude. After defeating them, they run away to their King. A little more exploration (2 whole screens!) yields the Goomba King's castle. Not really a castle, more of a tiny fort with a bridge covered up to look like a castle. A vigorous battle ensues. Using the knowledge that is the whacking a tree, you can defeat Red and Blue Goomba in 1 shot! Now, to take on the King. He's a pushover. He's got 1 attack to match your 1. The difference? Your partner isn't an idiot, you have items, and POWER JUMP (adds 2 attack to a normal jump). He goes down, the bridge to Toad Town is open! There's not much to do in Toad Town now. There's an item shop, the pipe to Mario's house, a nerd who tells you almost useless information, a dojo you can't go in, and the south and east exits blocked! To the south, crates and whatnot fell over. How inconvenient. To the east, there's 4 toads with black caps and different colored spots. Noticeably darker color scheme. According to them, it's dangerous. Bastards, I've played this game a million times before.
There's a house with a spinning roof O.o. The owner is apparently out. Lies. Shooting Star Summit is to the north. Hey, wait, didn't a hologram of a star tell Mario to go there while he was sleeping? Mario must've had too many shrooms. Ahh well, he goes anyway. On top of the summit, the stars tell Mario what happened and what he has to do. Bowser jacked the Star Rod and to get it back he needs to rescue the 7 Star Spirits. They're all being held captive by enemies that get progressively harder. If Bowser just put Huff 'n' Puff in the Koopa Bros. Castle, he most likely would've succeeded.
Back in Toad Town, those bastards still won't let Mario go through. Back at the spinny roof house, Merlon gets pissed off at your knocking and comes outside, knocking Mario down. He makes a snappy line about Mario being a carpet while he's on the floor. Merlon tells Mario some long and boring story (Mario falls asleep it's so bad). Merlon goes over to the weirdo toads, and shows them to be the Koopa Bros.! They're the guys in possession of the first Star Spirit! They high-shell (oh i'm so funny) it out of there and back to their castle.
Merlon tells Mario that to get any further on his quest, he needs to meet a Koopa with a Blue Shell. Wherever could such a genetic mistake be?!
Going to the next screen shows:
Chapter 1: Storming the Koopa Bros. Fortress.

To be continued....

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