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Monday, October 18, 2010

Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door

Woo! First post. Anyways, I've *recently* begun a playthrough  (recently meaning about two months ago) of Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door. Instead of a stupid, old, boring playthrough, I started off by getting the "Item Hog" as soon as possible and running through the game to get some info on item drops.
What Item Hog does is it increases the chance of an item being dropped after battle. Badge drops are currently unknown.

I appear to be getting ahead of myself. To those of you who DON'T know what The Thousand Year Door is (i'll be abbreviating it to TTYD in posts) it's a Super Mario game. It's the sequel to Paper Mario on the Nintendo 64 and it's an RPG. Battles have timed action commands, instead of mana or magic, you use Flower Points, and instead of numbers that are OVER 9000!!! they're generally low. The boss with the highest amount of health has 200 Health. The plot is about Peach sending Mario a Treasure Map and then she gets kidnapped by NOT BOWSER! Yeah, some random chumps called the X-Nauts jack her so she can be used for something much later in the game (keep your minds out of the gutter).

Anyways, what we believe (and by "we" I mean other "researchers" for TTYD) is that Item Hog not only increases the chance of an item that's set for the field enemy to drop, but there's also a list of items that get programmed into the drops. Usually crappy items like Dried Shrooms, Honey Syrups, Fright Masks, etc.

Currently, I progressed through the first chapter (and a Dry Bones dropped another Item Hog badge!), second chapter, and third chapter. I have yet to begin the fourth (there are 8 total).
I shall get on that soon.

By the by, other games I will be writing about will be Pokemon Red/Blue/Yellow/HeartGold, Kingdom Hearts, and Legend of Zelda OoT/Majora's Mask/Wind Waker.
Any suggestions? Feel free to tell me.
Comment and whatever you want!

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