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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Pokemon: HeartGold

Well, let's get down to business. I've also *recently* begun a playthrough of HeartGold. By that, I mean that I recently began playing HeartGold again after months of not touching it. The reason I stopped playing was losing the PokeWalker which I actually used with my friend because it was pretty much win. After I lost mine in a public area, I gave up searching and stopped playing. However, the other day there was a Wifi event to get a free Mew. Sweet.

That level 5 Mew was just the  motivation I needed to get the third badge. Once again, i'm getting much too ahead of myself. If you've played any Pokemon, you know how this game is. You start in your room with no Pokemon and it's your day to become a Pokemon Trainer. I wonder what would happen if you started the day prior? You grab a Potion from the PC and go see whatever Professor gives you a Fire, Grass, or Water starter. Personally, I prefer Fire starters. I had to restrain myself from picking Mudkip when I started playing Ruby (which is still sitting in my desk draw, unplayed after Torchic evolved into what I believe to be crap). You grab your starter and your rival takes the starter with the type that's Supereffective against yours (Fire-Water, Water-Grass, Grass-Fire). Battle them and leave.

So, the games aren't much different from there except town names, a few events, and the Pokemon (they get lamer and lamer after Generation 1 [with the exception of some of the bird Pokemon such as Taillow]). I tried getting my Quilava (1st evolution of the fire starter Cyndaquil) to mate with my Pidgeotto. Unfortunately, they would not. I thought they were pretty cute together, but whatever Pokemon (or as they're nicknamed Kiste and Pugsley, respectively).

I got the third gym badge after getting my Mew to level 20 (currently my party is all at level 22). Sweet. I traveled into the ass of the Pokemon world, completely lost and with barely a clue as to what I should've been doing. I stumbled upon a place called the National Park and dicked around fighting Trainers and catching Wild Pokemon. I talked to a Security Guard looking fellow and he said something about a Bug Catching competition. A winner wins something and they keep the Pokemon they caught.....well, everyone keeps the Pokemon they caught. You can do it once per day. Pokemon get rated on level, Current/Max HP, and what it is. A level 13 Scyther with 40/50 HP will score significantly higher than a Level 7 Caterpie with 3/50 HP (of course, level 7s and 13s generally don't have 50 HP). I first had a Level 7 Kakuna with low health. I lost. Yesterday, I had a Level 17 Caterpie with extremely low health. Needless to say, I lost. However, I shall try again today!

After that, I went into the next town (Ecruteak, I believe) and did what I had to: Go into a tower, fight the rival (did I mention his name is B Sags for Bob Sagget?), and scare away the 3 legendary dogs (Raiku, Entei, and Suicune). Fought the gym leader and won, too. Ghost type pokemon....not affected by Normal-type moves. I had a lot of those. Luckily, my Pidgeotto barely kicked the crap out of a Gengar. If it didn't have the move Roost (restores half HP) then I most likely would have lost.

Currently, i'm about to play and redo the bug challenge.
Comment, follow, suggest another game, or whatever. I'm out!


  1. Wow such a long post, thanks for the share bro!

  2. This is great! Keep it up and I'll be following..

  3. Im 12 and this is freaken awesome :DDD

  4. great long post!


  5. Nice! I love pokemon games. I've been playing them since I was 5 haha.

  6. i loved pokemon and still do.

    great post!

  7. fullowin 'n' suppin :)


  8. I actually started playing LeafGreen a few weeks ago on my phone, using an emulator.

    The Pokemon series is undeniably fun, no matter what kind of stigma it got back at the turn of the century when it became a huge fad for a big with all the merchandising and card games and TV shows.