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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Pokemon: HeartGold

I have a bit of anecdote from over the summer. Before I get to that, i'd like to address a feature that's exclusive to HeartGold and SoulSilver: The Pokewalker. It's this nifty little pedometer you put your Pokemon in and walk around. Nintendo's way of getting kids outside and doing some walking around. One of these comes packaged with your copy of the game.
My best friend and I used to duke it out and see who could get more "Watts" (1 Watt = 20 steps, I believe) per day. We'd bring them to school and walk home and go to the park with them. It was incredibly fun. He was in the lead, though, because he had the game prior to me and he used the Pokewalker before I did.Once I got it, it was a blast. Until...
Some day during the summer. I brought my good ol' Pokewalker onto the Boardwalk down in the Jersey Shore (I have a house there....well, actually two, but that's beside the point). I figured it wouldn't be a bad idea, get some steps in, level up some Pokemon, the works. I recall having it in my pocket when someone asked me to hold their phone and jewelry. About an hour later, I had it. I recall slightly humiliatingly showing a girl I was trying to impress. She laughed a bit. I didn't really care, I was having the time of my life. Another hour went by and we were about to leave. I reached into my pocket to discover that it was empty. I searched anywhere I could. Ran back to the bathrooms, around the rides, everywhere to no avail. I gave up hope. Some lucky little bastard is probably playing on it as we speak.....wah.
Yesterday, my friends and I were conversing about video games during my Algebra 2 class. It just so happens that my friend Anthony has HeartGold and an unused Pokewalker. He said he never planned on using it. I swooped in immediately and asked him if I could have it. And so, today, I have received another Pokewalker (instead of replacing one, which I heard costs about 20 dollars).

I have yet to boot it up with my Pokemon and i'm really hoping that previous data was saved like my Total Step Count, maps, and whatnot. I'm crossing my fingers.

In other related news, the aforementioned Bag Catching Competition is only on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays. I couldn't do it yesterday.....however, today is Thursday! Huzzah!

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  1. I thought a replacement walker was 10 dollars...

    but wow, you're lucky you got a new one so easily.

  2. I know. I wasn't ever expecting for another one. Thank God haha

  3. That reminds me of when I lost my Pocket Pikachu thing when I was a kid... bad times :(

  4. I remember playing the original silver. It was pretty good.

  5. I love me pokemans. I cheated by hooking up the pokewalker to a fan to get more steps. In the end, it isn't worth it since I can destroy the elite 4 for xp faster than the pokewalker can lvl my team. :D

  6. Blog about the new MOH, i'm curious about how it turned out :)

  7. My apologies, I haven't got the new MOH.
    BUT, I do have a friend who has it, so I may check it out at his house or something. Or just ask him about it and post what he says.

  8. I haven't played a new Pokemon in forever... I'm a little scared if I tried there'd be way too many new ones and I'd get confused.